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Sithole Accountants  provides  bookkeeping and accounting services for small to medium sized businesses.
As an entrepreneur you will know that the daily management of your business finances, is critical to the success of your business.

Your decision to outsource your bookkeeping work to Sithole accountants will provide you with a cost effective alternative of hiring staff . At Sithole accountants ,we will provide you with a professional and efficient team who will handle all your bookkeeping, administrative and compliance needs.
We will provide you with a comprehensive,  solution, while incorporating the most fundamental internal business functions.

We will provide you with quality work, prompt execution and delivery, as well as high standards of confidentiality, that will exceed your expectations.
We will provide you on a monthly basis with an income statement and balance sheet , should you require it . We will even process your VAT return if you are registered for VAT

Payroll in many businesses is a time consuming and expensive exercise which demand a lot of  administrative and specialist human resources.  The operational costs are substantial.  The potential liabilities from under estimation of taxes require an exceptional level of security and accuracy.
At Sithole accountants we provide a complete service of all payroll functions for all employee types,  statutory compliance of returns and administration is guaranteed.

Financial statements must be compiled from the accounting records.  The Regulations to the Companies Act specify what records must be maintained and the Act prescribes that it is an offence if accurate and complete accounting records are not maintained in the prescribed manner.

Any accountable business person will want comfort and assurance that their financial statements have been prepared from reliable accounting records according to the prescribed accounting framework and that these financial statements are not misleading ,but the true reflection of their business operation

Financial statements of businesses need to comply with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) . The accounting framework is very technical in nature.  The preparer of the financial statements,  need to know and understand the framework.  The need to outsource this function to a professional, like Sithole  Accountants, may arise.

Businesses  need to ensure that their financial statements are prepared within 6 months after their financial year end.
Sithole Accountants can assist you as the preparer of your company financial statements.

Sithole accountants provides a complete taxation service which includes the completion and submission of income tax returns ,estate duty, donation tax, withholding tax,  and provisional tax returns.
We can consult with you on various tax matters, correspond with the South African Revenue Service with regard to queries and objections .

We can ensure that you comply with all legislated requirements in terms of registration with the authorities, and submitting the relevant return when it is due.
Sithole accountants can assist with registration of companies , B-BBBEE verification certificates.  We also provide a service where we register you with the South African Revenue Service and the Department of Labour, as required.

Sithole accountants can assist you with analysing and identifying business processes and internal controls.  We can make recommendations and discuss potential improvement

An enterprise with a total annual turnover of less than R5 million qualifies as an Exempt Micro Enterprise.  These enterprises are deemed to have a B-BBEE status of “Level Four Contribution” having a B-BBEE procurement recognition of 100%, or “Level Three Contribution”, with 110% for those that have a black ownership of more than 50%.
Start-up enterprises are also measured as Exempt Micro Enterprises for the first year after their incorporation.
We can provide these certificates to you.

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